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Jeff MyrickI’m a music educator in Franklin, Tennessee.  I’m also a husband and father of three, one of whom has Down syndrome.  Their precious role in my life affects how I view the world.

Below are some key interest areas followed by my initial post that gives an overview of Adams Street.

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Education and Professionalism
I am convinced that the ability to lead locally, nationally or globally has never been more dependent upon education and a willingness to operate with professionalism.

Leadership and Service
My goal is to inspire colleagues to pursue excellence, embrace the significance of their role and conduct themselves professionally. I offer parents and students unsurpassed service in the form of exemplary instruction and respectful communication.

Thinking Differently
I am attracted to innovators that think differently about common challenges such as Warby Parker, Code for America, SAP (Autism in the workplace), and Apple. In the next season of my career, I hope to partner with an organization focused on thinking differently about education in America.

The Arts
I believe they are the most significant tool for looking at the world differently and inspiring others to do so.

Throughout my career I have been invited to train, coach or advise new employees. I enjoy welcoming new team members, helping them get acclimated, and alleviating anxiety. I also enjoy ushering young professionals toward best practices.


The Adams Street Bridge

The world is broken.

Have you heard that before?  Does that statement resonate with you?

In the film The Matrix, the character Neo begins to believe that something is not right with the world.  Morpheus offers answers to Neo but requires that they meet.  The meeting place?  The Adams Street Bridge.

I often find myself wanting to explore ideas or possibilities that are rooted in solving a problem or looking at the world differently.  While many of these relate to who we are as spiritual beings, many of them simply relate to issues we confront daily:  marriage, children, work, money, friendships, and community.  I have decided to start writing about those ideas…here.

I landed on The Adams Street Bridge as a blog title because, just as Neo faced a dilemma that night, so do we once we believe something to be true.  In my posts, I will often ask if there is room for thinking differently about the topic at hand.  In other words, could our paradigm shift somewhat?  From there, we will face a dilemma similar to Neo’s:  action is required.  When we believe something, we act on it.  If you fail to act on something you believe to be true, you’ll be miserable.

You are reading this because I had an Adams Street Bridge experience of my own.  I began to believe that I had something unique and valid to say.  That belief required that I take some action.

What can I expect from The Adams Street Bridge?

Overall, I plan to bring attention to examples of thinking differently.  Eventually, I hope readers will be compelled to share their own paradigm shifting ideas.  Posts will likely fall into three broad categories:  personal life, professional life, and the arts.

Personal Life

Because I hope to write about things that are common to the entire human experience, I will address spiritual things.  I know this is one of those topics that either brings people together or tears them apart.  Therefore, I will attempt to write about such things with as little cultural bias as possible.  My views on spiritual life are at the core of who I am, so avoiding this topic would be foolish and disingenuous.  I suspect that readers will let me know if I write something that is out of place.  Thank you for being gracious as I fumble through.  As a husband and father, I will also explore the challenges, pitfalls and treasures of marriage and fatherhood under Personal Life.

Professional Life

The work we do is often what first identifies us to our community.  That is not necessarily a good thing, but it is true.  Our work also brings about interactions with people who are often very different from ourselves.  That is what makes professional life interesting…sometimes more so than the work itself.  Unfortunately, much of what takes place at work is anything but professional.  I want to confront some of the behaviors that drive peers, superiors and subordinates crazy.  And because I am passionate about my work, I will also explore issues of content.  My content area is education and I feel very strongly about the importance of its role in society.  However, I am the first to recognize that it is incredibly complicated and even messy.

The Arts

The arts are somewhat related to professional life for me, but I believe they are also the most significant tool available within the human experience for looking at the world differently and inspiring others to do so.  I will explore both what that looks like for me and how I believe the arts are central to the life experience of every human.

The world is broken.

It is a wonderful world.  But it is also tragic.  I want simply to shed light on some hopeful ways of thinking differently about difficult issues.  I also want to celebrate those who have already inspired others to think differently about specific things.  Finally, I am thankful to have you along on this journey.

Welcome to The Adams Street Bridge.

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